Outsourced cto + CMO /
Chief Marketing Technologist
& executive coaching

To some, technology is their ceiling. Others make that same ceiling their floor. Is technology holding you down or lifting you up?

Web and cloud channels are becoming more mission critical to your business. Sales, marketing, customer support, collaboration all moving to web and cloud services and integrated with your own web presence. You need technical leadership that not only helps you make the right strategic choices, but to help your team adapt and thrive.

By combining the roles of a chief technology officer (CTO) with a chief marketing officer (CMO) we get what many are now calling a chief marketing technologist (CMT) - technology leadership that grows your company.

What can an outsourced chief marketing technologist help you with?

  • Give the board and CEO confidence in the web/technology strategic direction of the company.
  • Simplify the complexity of technology into a vision and goals that everyone can get behind.
  • Offer individual focused technical leadership - simplify and solve.
  • Explore what role web & technology play in the vision of your organization.
  • Help leadership understand what paths are open and the risks/rewards that lie on each path.

As the cross-over of business, marketing, and technology continues to deepen, technology can rule you or be your tool.

What an outsourced chief marketing technologist can help you avoid:

1. Building technology or using a service just because it is popular and new.
Everything comes back to what is best for the individual user. Solving their problems and adding value to their life.

2. As IT grows in importance it becomes easy for IT decisions to control business decisions at the cost of financial and strategic goals.
Too often the needs of the individual consumer are ignored over bleeding edge technology.

Is an outsourced chief marketing technologist right for you?

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Executive Coaching

  • Work with the team and individuals building trust and empowering them to take ownership.
  • Clarify and reinforce the vision, goals, and values to create individual unified vision.
  • Find the individual conversion point of passion, skill and the right type of value for your company.
  • Strengthen self/team-confidence & trust to handle the job, deliver on time, and take ownership.
  • Open communication to quickly solve problems and recognize achievements.

My executive coaching program is a mix of my own programs based on:

  • Corporate and personal purpose and vision.
  • Minimalism and simplification.
  • Technology and web-based tools and systems.

Together with programs from my wife Emelie Kamp, who is a wellness coach and certified nutritional advisor:

  • Diet and lifestyle for optimal performance.
  • Stress management.
  • Work-life balance.

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