executive coaching

Work with the team and individuals building trust and empowering them to take ownership.
  • Clarify and reinforce the vision, goals, and values to create individual unified vision.
  • Find the individual conversion point of passion, skill and the right type of value for your company.
  • Strengthen self/team-confidence & trust to handle the job, deliver on time, and take ownership.
  • Open communication to quickly solve problems and recognize achievements.

My executive coaching program is a mix of my own programs based on:

  • Corporate and personal purpose and vision.
  • Minimalism and simplification.
  • Technology and web-based tools and systems.

Together with programs from my wife Emelie Kamp, who is a wellness coach and certified nutritional advisor:

  • Diet and lifestyle for optimal performance.
  • Stress management.
  • Work-life balance.

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